"BLKBX performances navigate the parameters of ritual, image , identity, and the pop aesthetic"
BLKBX has been described as casting a type of “neo-soul alchemy” whilst performing, consequently leading him to be dubbed as a contender for “best kept secret” in Boston’s music scene. BLKBX has opened up for Doldrums, Moon King, and has shared the stage with Mal Devisa and Ruby Rose Fox on several occasions. In 2014 he performed at Boston’s first ever Illuminus new media arts festival, while also receiving a nomination for Artist of the Year on the New England Deli blog. Subsequently, HUBweek Boston also featured BLKBX as one of “Boston’s change makers” on their website. - BLKBX.ME

A visual collaboration between SAMO & BLKBX. SAMO started working with BLKBX in Spring 2013, collaborating to create a stark minimalistic palette of choreographed visuals that emulated the sounds BLKBX created and performed. By using front projected light the visuals interact with the body of BLKBX, pushing and pulling the reveal of his body through positive and negative form. Since their first collective performance in 2013 they have been performing their immersive set experience across  venues in the greater Boston area.

Venues Including:

 Godine Gallery | Store 54 White Haus | Theives Grotto | Illuminus D I Illuminus | Smokey Bear Cave | Nola, Darling (NY) | Cheap Seats YMCA | Great Scott | Subsamson Gallery

BLKBX is currently finishing his next EP that SAMO will be collaborating with to create a new visual set:

 A year after his 2nd ep V.O.T, and 7 years after discovering that music making was part of his creative journey, BLKBX steps forward with “The Sound of Gravel” his 3rd ep under Jeremiah Jae’s Black Jungle Squad Imprint. Where as V.O.T explored thematic components tied to what he described as apocalyptic,  “The Sound of Gravel” finds the artist in conversation with the unraveling, and constantly unresolved nature of existing. Yet, in a different manner, BLKBX locates himself confidently and, astutely within a sonic palette that seeps with a vulnerable candor.

For bookings please contact BLKBXmusic@Gmail.com