Sam Okerstrom-Lang or “Samo" is a Boston based new-media interdisciplinary digital artist and designer. Technology serves as a vehicle and tool in Samo’s practice in order to question the boundaries of digital communication, while in turn questions the boundary and function of the pixel. His work engages associations between technology, body, and perception by immersing the human sensory system with experiences that obscure the line between nirvana and dystopia.

Boston | Berkshires | MA

Animation | Design |  Video Projection & Operation


Sam Okerstrom-Lang or “Samo” was born and raised by his lovely Mom and Dad in Great Barrington Massachusetts with his two brothers. Samo started experimenting with digital media and video projectors while attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design 2010-2014. He graduated with a BFA in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM), a community structured open major, where he was driven by concept and tool. He self taught himself animation and operation techniques through the internet and self trial.

Samo has been able to navigate his life and career through art and design in Boston. He has built a strong relationship with two local new media companies Materials & Methods and Zebbler Studios, working for them and with them to produce a/v installations and live environments with video projection and digital animation. His young artist career has been retained by being commissioned to present large scale public works for the two first iterations of Illuminus Boston and similarly he was invited to install site specific installation for a one night light based event PRAVA in Maryland. It has been a marriage of survival and integrity, curating himself as a new media company and individual artist. 




Active Member & Co-Founder of Masary Studios